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My name is Rose, I am a mother, a wife, an entrepreneur, a working professional, but most importantly I was once a bride. I have a great deal of understanding for everything you are going through. Planning any event is always stressful for the most part, trying to find a venue, putting together a theme, finding all the accessories, centerpieces to execute your dream event is just like taking on the world! This is where I come in, Let's take on the world together!

I can take care of it all! We will essentially walk hand in hand until the sun comes down the day of the event. 

I am constantly envisioning different styles of arrangements and accessories to coordinate,  it is like there is always a party going on in my head. I have always had a knack for designing events, after all i come from a long line of artists in my family. I absolutely love putting together linens, silverware, paper crafts and flowers to create a spectacular event! 


The best part of it all for me is bringing your vision to life! and truthfully that is my dream come true!

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